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Skip Hire Mitcham

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Many hundreds of years ago, much of the British countryside consisted of acre upon acre of farmland, and the area around Merton and Mitcham was no exception. Even in times when the city of London was rising to become an important centre of population nationally and beyond, small villages thrived among the fields and meadows, and few could ever have envisaged the suburban development which was to follow.
The area of Mitcham was particularly famous for its naturally growing lavender and peppermint. Even centuries ago, lavender was well known as a natural perfume and relaxant. One of the earliest industries to take root in the village was the production of toiletries, due to the abundant natural ingredients which bloomed in the area. During times of plague or pandemic, the population of the village would increase sharply as settlers sought to avail themselves of the pure air conditions they hoped these plants would produce. The importance of lavender in the history of Mitcham Village is commemorated in the emblems of organisations such as Merton Council and Tooting & Mitcham United Football Club.
But inevitably for any settlement so close to such an important centre of government and commerce as London, the character of the area began to change as more and more people came to settle there. Well known residents included Sir Walter Raleigh. Many impressive and stately dwellings were erected over the years, and this fine architectural heritage puts pressure on modern developers to work hard to preserve the identity of the area, and to maintain standards in terms of quality and aesthetics.
For this reason, anyone performing building work in the Mitcham area – whether an owner-occupier, landlord, or developer – needs professional and reliable service from their partners. This is where London Skip Hire come in. We offer the services in skip hire Mitcham builders need to give their best to the job. Almost any kind of building work creates waste materials, and when you're working hard to make the property look and function as well as it can, you don't need to be worrying about what’s going to happen to a pile of plasterboard in the back garden or the loose rubble on the drive. That's why we go the extra mile to make skip hire Mitcham resident's solution, rather than a problem in itself.
So what are the areas in which we can help our customers? It depends on the kind of skip hire Mitcham homeowners need. Not sure what size of skip will be needed for your load? We can help you work it out. Do you need help siting your skip in a convenient location? Our expert drivers are on the case. We can also help with permits, urgent waste removal, and all manner of other headaches. To find out how we gained our expertise and how we became the capital's first call for skip hire Mitcham customers can get in touch with us today.